The Blue Moose Sports Bar and Grill

Located on Soi 9, just off Soi Khaonoi, the Blue Moose is one of Pattaya's newest sports bars.  With an air conditioned indoor bar and dining area and outdoor seating as well, it makes a great place to relax and have a beer while taking in some of the world's sports on the big screens. Friendly and welcoming staff who are eager to accommodate your thirst and perhaps challenge you to a game of pool.  With a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere you will find it a second home.  




Oiy St. Laurent's son, Em, gives this distinguished group of "gentlemen" a traditional Songkran blessing at the Blue Moose.  With Jim "Killer" Hern the youngster at 67 and Dene Mundy the elder statesman at 80+, the average age was exactly 73 years young.

Left to Right:  Dave Campbell, Joe St. Laurent, Jim Hern, Dene Mundy, Paul Donahue, Ken Crow, George Knickerbocker, Paul Kraft, Keith Avery, Jack Piercefield and George Richman. Middle: Em


2014 Monthly Trophy Winners

March winner - Joe

March – Joe St. Laurent


Feb14 - Jim, Gay

February – Jim Hern, runner-up – Gay


Jan14 - Spot, Arnold

January – Paul Ovens, runner-up – Arnold







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